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Mega Millions
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So many millions, so much winning action

We know that as a lottery player, you don’t just want to win big - you want to win mega in every way! And that’s why the Mega Millions Syndicate is the perfect solution for you. With jackpots starting at $15 million and going all the way up to $656 million, the amount of potential wealth you could be sharing in is staggering! So what are you waiting for? Fame, fortune, and fantastic winning action await!

The group that plays together, wins together   

Unlike regular lottery draws, syndicates aren’t about playing as an individual - they’re about playing as a group. So instead of you buying and playing your own tickets, you’ll be sharing in the tickets bought for the Mega Millions Syndicate, and sharing in the winnings too!

Each week, your Mega Millions Syndicate will purchase 40 tickets for both of the weekly draws - 20 for the Tuesday draw, and 20 for the Friday draw. These tickets will then be split into ten shares each, making a total of 400 shares available for the 2 draws per week (200 shares per draw). All you have to do is decide how many shares to purchase, and if your draw wins a prize that week, you’ll be paid out relative to the number of shares you purchased. Play in both lottery draws each week, and you’ll be paid out even more. So the more shares you buy, and the more weeks you play for, the more zeroes you could soon find streaming into your bank account!

Spreading the cost, spreading the wealth

So how much does it cost to enter the Mega Millions Syndicate? With so much jackpot wealth up for grabs, it must be expensive right? Wrong! In fact, playing as part of a syndicate is one of the most affordable lotto options there is - because not only do you share your winnings, you share your entry costs as well. Since each Mega Millions Syndicate is made up of 40 tickets, and each of these tickets is split into 10 shares, the cost of one share is equal to one tenth the price of a regular lottery ticket. 

That’s the good news. The even better news is that because syndicate play is so affordable, you’ll be able to budget for more shares - which means if your lottery syndicate wins, you won’t just win too, you’ll win bigger than you ever dreamed you could!

Don’t know how to play?

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