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29 March 2017

Grootlottos 100% Wettig

Daar was onlangs 'n Giantlottos/Grootlottos artikel gepubliseer in 'n paar van die grootste Namibiese koerante. Lees asseblief die onderstaande as jy dit dalk nie raak gesien het nie:

We refer to an article that recently appeared in the Republikein in which Mr. Shimi of the Bank of Namibia announced, without any apparent due diligence that the services offered by us to residents of Namibia are illegal.

For the record, we vehemently deny that our services are in any way illegal to our Namibian players and refute this irresponsible statement in the strongest terms possible. We have taken issue with Mr. Shimi and put him to terms to retract is misleading,ill-considered misstatement.

Given that there is NO lawful basis for his statement, we reserve our rights to the fullest extent possible to take all and any action that we deem fit in this regard without further notice to Mr. Shimi and/ or the Bank of Namibia.

We would also like to take this opportunity to clarify our dismay with the Republikein newspaper and what we consider a lack of journalistic integrity to assume that a statement from the Bank of Namibia would automatically be correct without warranting further investigation. It should be noted that the Republikein made no attempt to contact our offices either verbally or in writing for comment before the article was printed.


1. We are NOT a lottery. We offer a legitimate, legal lottery concierge service
that Namibians may legally use at their own discretion.

2. Namibia’s gaming and gambling legislation does not prohibit our services being
advertised in Namibia OR being offered to Namibian residents.

3. The exchange control regulations purport to prohibit something that is not illegal and
are therefore defective and invalid as a matter of law.

4. By purporting to prohibit what is otherwise lawful activity is unlawful in and of itself for and of the Bank of Namibia.

5. By taking this stance, not only is the Bank of Namibia acting contrary to Namibian law but
also in breach of international free trade agreements to which Namibia is a party. 

We to continue serve and accept customers from our loyal Namibia and look forward to doing so for a long time to come. We also trust that the above statement allays any fears of existing GiantLottos/Grootlottos players. Fears that were in our opinion, nothing more than scaremongering by certain individuals in positions of authority who we believe should have more respect for the population and the interests they claim to represent instead of for their own agenda.

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